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In our lives we regularly experience circumstances that can be disconcerting. Sometimes it might be a matter specifically taking place within our own lives  - perhaps illness or a confidence related matter. At other times our comfort and happiness are tested by experiences that those we love might be facing. In a wider context sometimes what we observe in society or the world can upset us.

We have each been given a defence mechanism of our own that allows us to draw on our inner strength as we seek to cope with those things that upset us. At the same time, however, we recognise the value of sharing our feelings with others - especially family and friends.

In the Christian faith we are told that God's desire is that we think of Him as 'family' as a 'close friend'. He appeals to us that we might share our troubles with Him and know ourselves heard and loved. We know this process as Prayer.

We can pray on our own to God and we can make collective prayer in the form of the prayers that are said within a group, such as the prayers we make to God, Sunday by Sunday in church services throughout the world.

If at this time there is a matter that is troubling you please feel free to use the online form below to provide whatever details you are able to give and the ministers of Mannofield Church will endeavour to include your prayer within their private prayers or indeed corporate worship as is appropriate. All requests will be treated in the strictest confidence.


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